Fallout: New California, the long-awaited total conversion mod for Fallout: New Vegas, finally has a release date. On October 23, patient fans can finally download the prequel to New Vegas and explore the wasteland once again.

Originally titled Project Brazil, the mod has expanded far beyond the developer’s initial goals. Almost eight years after the release of New Vegas, and five years since the inception of Project Brazil, the team is ready to show their work to the PC gaming community. Playing as a resident of Vault 18 in 2260, many years before the Courier’s journey in New Vegas, players will explore a well-crafted world filled with colorful characters and warring factions. A three-way conflict between Survivalist Raiders, the New California Republic, and Super Mutants ravages the irradiated land, while the Enclave plots to exercise their power over the West Coast. Featuring an extensive single-player campaign, high-quality voice acting, and a large world-space to explore, New California promises to be indistinguishable from a professionally-developed Triple-A game.

According to the mod’s modDB page, the game is feature complete, with art assets polished and final voice acting present. However, the mod’s assets are pushing the old Gamebryo engine to its limits, and much of the work that remains is optimization in order to give players the best possible experience. Thus, as release date approaches, the New California team will open registrations for a final beta before launch. In July, testers will be able to play through the main quest line and certain side quests to provide one final collection of feedback for the developers.

Whether it meant to or not, Fallout: New California will now fill a possible void from player’s who are disappointed in Fallout: 76’s  rumoured online elements. New California will hopefully provide a traditional Fallout single-player experience for disappointed fans. For fans interested in New California, check out the new narrative trailer below, and visit the modDB page for info about the game and testing information!

Source: Kotaku