Day: 4 June 2018

3 minute read

The Rocky Horror Gaming Show

£100 million to make a game?! You must be having a laugh! In the reveal of Shadow of the Tomb Raider we saw Square Enix announce a budget of £75-100 million to make the game. With a budget bigger than […]

2 minute read

Life is Strange is coming to Android

Life is Strangely Portable When Life is Strange was released, it set new standards for narrative games. With its unique characters, gripping story and the amount of player freedom, it was sure to be a hit. It gathered a huge […]

2 minute read

Gaming Celebrates Pride Month

LGBT Pride month has grown from relative obscurity, to join the likes of Black history month as a nationally acknowledged celebration.  With that level of public awareness comes businesses trying to market themselves using Pride, gaming companies as well. Twitch […]