gog summer sale banner photo

To celebrate the start of Summer, the good people over at GOG.com are having a sale and have reduced the prices on a host of titles. Buyers can pick up a number of highly-rated new games, and classic titles, at a fraction of the normal cost. The incontrovertibly brilliant Divinity: Original Sin II checks in at $35.99, a reduction of 20%, and the critically acclaimed Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is only $20.09.

For fans of an RPG, the ever unnerving Darkest Dungeon is a pinch at $9.99, whilst older, but still very solid releases, like Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen and Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, are also reduced. Those wishing to take advantage of the reductions will need to be relatively quick, as the sale ends June 18th, and traditional price cuts are not the only way to benefit from the Summer celebrations.

For those who spend $5 or more during the bargain bonanza a free copy of Sunless Sea is on the cards, whilst Tequila Works brilliant adventure puzzle game, Rime, is reserved for those who are willing to commit further, free when you spend $20. But the deals don’t stop there! Xenonauts is also free for a very limited time to those with a GOG.com account.

Some other gems are also available, specifically Obsidian Entertainment’s indomitable Tyranny, which has garnered a 9/10 rating on Steam, is a massive 66% off its usual price at only $15.29. Lastly there are a number of games with such significant reductions it would feel silly not to, including the original Mirror’s Edge, which is 85% off, and We Are The Dwarves, which is essentially free at this point, clocking in at a massive 95% off.

If you want to check out any of the deals mentioned above, or indeed the ones which are not, you can find them all on the GOG official website here.