fuck yeah video games book

A new gaming book by Daniel Hardcastle, better known as YouTuber NerdCubed, has broken a crowdfunding record for the shortest amount of time taken to reach its goal. Fuck Yeah, Video Games is billed as a video game memoir and managed to reach its undisclosed goal in just 15 minutes, a new record for Unbound, where the author chose to host the campaign.

The tome will feature illustrations from talented artist Rebecca Maughan and according to Daniel the book:

“Is a love letter to the greatest hobby of them all (that doesn’t primarily involve trains). Each chapter looks at a different game from the last 30 odd years and crams as many jokes, obscure references and personal stories into it as will fit. From God of War to Animal Crossing, SSX 3 to Noby Noby Boy it’s almost as if I’ve chosen the games to feature totally at random. (I pretty much did.)”

Unbound is essentially a crowdfunding publisher, allowing those, who may not otherwise be able to get their books out there, a chance at accessing the resources and infrastructure they need. In a video posted to the OfficialNerdCubed YouTube channel, Daniel further previewed what the book will be about, and how he needed the response of his sizeable audience to get it published.

There are a number of tiered rewards available for backers of the project at various price points, including a digital bundle, a hardback copy of the book and even a signed copy for the most generous of donors. Lastly a personal name inscription in the back of the book will be provided to all those who supported the project, regardless of the size of the donation.

As of yet there is no further word on a timeline for the book but, as it is largely complete, fans will be hoping they don’t have too long to wait.