Horderpoint featured image

Call of Duty: WWII has a new game mode, so get ready to hark back to the days of Call of Duty: World at War and take on some zombies, but not in the way you might expect. HordePoint released on June 5th is one of three new game modes that are being release under the ‘Attack of the Un-dead’ community event. 

HordePoint, as you can probably assume, has been defined as a ‘thrilling twist’ on the standard Hardpoint mode and, as may not be surprising to some of you now, that “thrilling twist” is putting a load of Zombies in the mix, so I can’t complain. HardPoint, for anyone that doesn’t know, has you and your team mates secure a location and hold it, the longer you hold it the better the score. So add Zombies to that mix and be  prepared to have you and your team mates battle mercilessly as endless stream of zombie infestations launch their rotting fleshed mouths towards you. 


The official description of HordePoint:

It’s the classic Hardpoint mode, but with a thrilling twist – the undead attack! In the Hordepoint Multiplayer mode, the winning team must defend the point from both the attacking team, as well as blood-thirsty Zombies. Keep your eyes peeled Soldier! Hordepoint is available for a limited-time, beginning Tuesday, June 5.

HordePoint doesn’t have a specified end date, so be sure to see it stay until the end of the community event on 26th June.

The ‘Attack of the un-dead’ community event also features six new weapons, camos and charms along with new community challenges within the game mode to keep your customising needs met.

So… Go get your Zombie killing hats on and get online to play HordePoint.

Call of Duty: WWII is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC