skyrim mods

The inextinguishable modern classic, Skyrim, must be one of the most modded games in history, so its difficult to make a project stand out in such a saturated field. That being said, taking advantage of another games popularity may well be as sure fire a way as any to do so. Enter, God of War. Kratos’ latest outing was lauded by critics as the best in the series, and one of the best releases of recent years, so it was almost inevitable that something from the game would end up making its way over to the Elder Scrolls universe.

The mod adds the Leviathan Axe as a craftable in-game item, and the creators of the project, Ghosu, who are well known in the community, have even gone as far as to add 4 different versions of the weapon, one-handed, two-handed (both with frost damage buff) and the same again without any enchantments. Both the original and special edition variant can also be re-textured using Akarsil’s re-texture mod, for those who can only stomach the most beautiful of experiences.

There are some limitations to the weapon, chiefly that the throw and return function featured in the actual God of War game is not currently possible in the Skyrim version. This also does not mark a full return to modding for Ghosu, which may be why the unique axe mechanics have not been added up to this point, but fans of the mod are hoping someone else may implement it in the future.

Having said all of that, this is still very much a must-have weapon for anyone who has played through the most recent game, or the series in general, and by all accounts its pretty handy in a fight, even if most people are downloading it purely for the aesthetic.

Source: PC Gamer