superman rocksteady rumours

The long rumoured, and much maligned, Superman game from the creators of Batman Arkham could be officially announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), if a leak on 4chan is to be believed. The leak is believed to have stemmed from well-known magazine, Game Informer, who will supposedly run a cover story previewing the game next month. Whilst leaks such as these should be taken with a pinch of salt, there are some hints that there may be more substance to the rumour than usual.

Warner Bros. has guaranteed a number of notable announcements at E3 and a new Rocksteady title would certainly slot in nicely next to another edition in the Mortal Kombat franchise. The user who posted the supposed information about the game did specify a number of details, including when the announcement will take place and what the demonstration of the game will feature.

The listing states that Superman will be demonstrated at Microsoft’s E3 conference, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday 11th June, the day before the main show starts. The reason for this is that the title will be played on the Xbox One X, to take advantage of the console’s superior resolution capabilities. In terms of content, the main featured enemy will be Brainiac, and gameplay footage will show off the game’s flying and combat mechanics, including both ground and air conflict.

The last piece of evidence that points to a possible upcoming game is the fact that there is a url registered at, although there is nothing at that address currently. The caveat to all of this is that 4chan isn’t a particularly reputable news source but, that being said, some huge games have fallen victim to the leak train and it may not be long before players are able to fly round Metropolis wantonly destroying the property of its millions of citizens… (I prefer Batman).

UPDATE: A leaked poster has added further fuel to the fire, as fans desperately clamber over one another for confirmation. Take a look at the poster and see what you think in the tweet below.

Source: Comicbook