Day: 8 June 2018

spyro remasters
7 minute read

The Remasters Rhapsody

Nothing made me happier than re-assuming control of Monsieur Bandicoot one more time after so many years, and with Spyro: Reignited Trilogy bound for a 2018 release, 13 year old me is bouncing for joy. Remasters can offer a nostalgic […]

Days Gone
2 minute read

Days Gone To Release February 2019

Upcoming zombie title Days Gone has finally been given a release date, but for those hoping it was gonna be next week, sorry, it isn’t. According to a post on it’s going to be hitting the shelves in February […]

destiny 2 banner photo
2 minute read

Sony Hilariously Blurs Xbox Controller For New Destiny Trailer

The battle between Sony and Microsoft for console supremacy kind of feels like one of those mythical wars from fantasy movies that has been going on for thousands of years, with neither able to fully kill the other because they’re […]

fortnite update banner
2 minute read

Shotguns And Jetpacks Get The Nerf Treatment As Fortnite v4.3 Patch Drops

Two notorious items have seemingly fallen out of favour with the developers of Fortnite: Battle Royale, resulting in much rejoicing from the fan base. Several shotguns in-game have received damage nerfs across the board, which will hopefully lead to less frustrating one-hit […]

Just Cause 4
1 minute read

Just Cause 4 Confirmed By Steam Error?

An advertisement for Just Cause 4 has been spotted on Steam. The fourth game in Avalanche Studio’s Just Cause series has been rumoured for some time, but not much is known about the title. Like its predecessors, it will likely feature an expansive open-world to […]