Days Gone

Upcoming zombie title Days Gone has finally been given a release date, but for those hoping it was gonna be next week, sorry, it isn’t. According to a post on it’s going to be hitting the shelves in February 2019, with an accompanying release trailer confirming further details about what kind of adventures we may be getting involved in with Deacon.

The video shows the introduction of two new wildlife threats, as well as a terrifying new enemy human faction. The post states:

“Rest In Peace, or R.I.P., is a cult that worships the Freakers. Rippers, as they’re known, dress like Freakers – and kill anyone who isn’t a Ripper. While they’re important to the story, Rippers are also an important part of the in-game Freaker ecology: when you get a chance to take down a Ripper camp, try bringing in a Swarm and see what happens – Rippers refuse to kill Freakers, and the results can be very entertaining.”

To be fair that does sound hilarious, and almost enough of a reason to buy the game by itself, but previous gameplay videos also show some pretty incredible looking zombie-based gameplay. With giant hordes of the creatures pursuing our hero, it looks as though this game could be the first to pull off combat of this kind on a console. We will have to wait and see…

Days Gone is releasing exclusively for PlayStation 4 in February 2019