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It’s the game you never knew you needed! Yaga, developed by Breadcrumbs Interactive, a small team based in Romania, is an action-RPG about a one-handed blacksmith, Ivan, made to constantly quest on behalf of an “envious King”. The game itself is deeply rooted in Eastern European folklore and myth, and the result looks as though its going to be a pretty unique entry into a saturated genre. The story itself is intriguing, as our protagonist finds himself caught between the whims of a jealous Tzar and the will of an ancient witch, tasked with protecting the world of the supernatural.

The game will also allow players to directly affect the world they are in, with narrative choices altering future encounters and quests. There’s also a lot going on under the hood, with character progression, including charms and curses (which either bestow perks or negative effects) and reputation perks, as well as the ability to forge tools and other items. The combat looks relatively simple, but well planned and logical, and objects such as talismans and magic items provide a solid set of perks

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Where this game really stands out, however, is in its art style. In the wake of Cuphead becoming one of the games of the year last year, art style has suddenly and irrevocably come to the fore. Yaga acknowledges this by producing an old-school, but extremely polished, ode to cartoons of a bygone era. There also promises to be a wide variety of locales and terrain on your travels, and the promise of a wide pool of creatures and character from legend.

Overall, Yaga looks as though it could be a charming take on an established genre, using the games themes and aesthetic to make it stand out from the crowd.

Yaga will be released some time in March 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

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