EA’s press conference before the start of E3 proper is happening right now, and they’ve kicked it all off with Battlefield V. The game looks really good, with the destructability of the building’s being a high-point. Supposedly players will be able to jump through windows to surprise their enemies, and we were also treated to a tank absolutely annihilating a house, so that was fun.

There was a brief discussion on the single-player individual stories, but the biggest applause of the night was the fact that there will be no premium pass or loot boxes.

The last, and possibly most earth-shattering, moment of the presentation was the announcement that Battlefield Royale is going to be a thing, met with cheers from the crowd, and cries of “cringe” from the online chat. This may well be seen as DICE and EA pandering to current trends, but in all honestly an acknowledgement of the popularity of the genre isn’t all that surprising. That being said, the presenters from DICE promise that the spin Battlefield puts on Battle Royale mode will be worth buying the game for.

If you want to watch the EA press conference live, you can do so on YouTube here. Otherwise stay tuned to the site to keep up to date with all the news coming from E3.