As EAPlay 2018 comes to a close, a number of pretty high-profile games and content additions were announced. Battlefield V will feature a Battle Royale mode and Battlefront II is heading to the Clone Wars, with the introduction of a number of notable characters from the movies, including General Grievous, Count Dooku and the chosen one, Anakin Skywalker.

In the Indie section we were told that Unravel 2 is available for purchase right now, something many were not expecting, as well as coverage of some pretty ordinary looking mobile content, including Command and Conquer: Rivals a mobile port of the well-loved PC series.

Going into the conference there were a number of rumours flying around that EA may well be returning to it’s hugely popular four-wheels and a plank of wood simulator, Skate. Alas, those that were hoping this would be the case have gone home disappointed, as the press conference passed by without even a hint of a nollie. The YouTube chat accurately reflected this dismay, as cries of “booooo” rang out across the virtual platform, although admittedly this wasn’t reflected in the room. Skate 4, it seems, is just a pipe dream, despite renewed hope when the Skate 3 servers suddenly came back online this week

The big focus piece of the night was Anthem, with an extended presentation and Q&A at the end of the proceeding’s. Perhaps wisely, EA chose to take questions on twitter, allowing them to basically answer the ones they want. Again, no loot boxes here but players will be able to purchase cosmetic items that provide no in-game advantage.

Overall the conference itself received a somewhat tepid response from those in attendance, with the announcement of no premium pass and loot boxes in Battlefield V garnering the biggest positive response of the night. When the best you can summon is a cheer for merely correcting your own mistake, it would usually be a time to be worried, but I doubt the publishing behemoth cares too much at this juncture.