the division

We are about halfway through Microsoft’s conference and, so far, it’s been going pretty well all things considered. Just now, we were treated to a world premiere trailer of the already confirmed Division game, imaginatively titled The Division 2. It promises as much conflict as the last game in the series, on a scale we haven’t yet seen as a civil war descends across the world. We were also treated to some gameplay in the literal urban jungle of Washington D.C., as plants begin to reclaim what was once theirs.

Watch the reveal trailer and gameplay below:

The trailer did show-off some pretty fluid movements, as well as some attractive scenery. The UI looks largely the same, but the comms dialogue is improved, and the conflict does look like it may well be slightly more chunky and meaningful than the last game.

To watch the conference as it happens, you can tune into the action here. We will also be posting up all the news as it happened so make sure to keep checking the website throughout all of E3.