dying light

We’re entering the death throes of Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference and we got a first look at Dying Light 2 for our sins. Chris Avellone, the game’s narrative designer, took us through the details of the game, which picks up where the last left off. The big news regarding the release is that the player’s decisions will make a huge difference to the world they inhabit, in a way never before seen in games of this kind and a special demo showcased the functioning eco-system which responds to your protagonists actions. In the demo, the player is sent to negotiate on behalf of the peacekeepers for a water supply. If you do so, access to the water supply stabilises the area, and changes the landscape. There was also a consequence, in that the Peacekeeper faction hand out some pretty hefty punishments to dissenters.

Check out the reveal demo below:

The game looks really good, and the landscapes, as well as the first-person combat, all look really impressive. Apparently every players experience will be unique. We didn’t get a lot of the zombies, but I am sure they will be great.

To watch the conference as it happens, you can tune into the action here. We will also be posting up all the news as it happened so make sure to keep checking the website throughout all of E3.