Microsoft are doing pretty well so far, and the return of beloved apocalyptic doom-simulator Metro is only serving to further their cause. With a trailer showing Artyom traversing some pretty incredible landscapes, considerably less drab than previous titles, and a variety of ghoulish enemies, this could well be a return to form for the Xbox.

Watch the reveal trailer below:

We’re not far in, 20 or so minutes, but already the crowd response has been pretty conclusive. Metro: Exodus has received the biggest cheer of the night so far, which is further testament to the game’s following.

Kingdom Hearts will also be making its first appearance on the Xbox, with a litany of Final Fantasy and Disney character’s showing their overly-optimistic faces.

To watch the conference as it happens, you can tune into the action here. We will also be posting up all the news as it happened so make sure to keep checking the website throughout all of E3.