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It is my belief that, in the current climate, it might not be the best idea to threaten an entire office with the prospect of getting shot. Battalion 1944 player SUSPC7 seems to disagree with me, however, because that’s exactly what he did following a tournament hosted by the games developer, Bulkhead. Having issued the promise of a cash prize and some unique skins for weapons in the game, there was a delay in supplying the cosmetic items.

Despite having already received his compensation for competing in the tournament, the lack of skins really irked SUSPC7, who logged in to Discord to voice his distaste. Specifically, he threatened “to shoot up the studio” whilst at the same time talking about the recent incident at YouTube’s headquarters. So far, so awful. But as is often the way with these things, somebody screen-grabbed the offending articles and posted them to Twitter, where they were quickly picked up by the game’s developer. Joe Brammer, the head of the studio, responded in kind, with the following message:

“So a few months ago, I think you remember, you threatened that if we didn’t get your skins to you soon you’d ‘shoot up the studio. It was really disappointing to see one of the best players in our foundation of the community, one of the winners of the first tournament take this attitude toward the developers. We are not a faceless Valve-esq studio who can choose to remain silent for reasons like this, we chose to expose our personal lives and show players that we’re people who care about FPS games.”

“You claimed, ‘It was just a joke.’ I fail to see anything funny about threatening to ‘shoot up a studio’. So I thought I’d teach you a lesson about comedy.”

Attached to the post was an image showing the skin that was provided to the offender, and on the underside of the gun, just in front of the stock, is a veiny, throbbing penis. Now, some of you might be thinking that this is a childish way of returning fire, but realistically the developer had legal recourse to call the police if they’d wanted, so frankly this is a pretty good outcome for everyone. SUSPC7, who is one of the best Battalion players around by the way, learned his lesson, the studio got they’re own back and we all got to have a good laugh.

They should have called it the fore-skin. Never mind.

In response to the controversy, SUSPC7 responded almost exactly how you’d imagine and, to be fair, it was clearly a poor attempt at humour. He said:

“Obviously I was just trying to be funny and shouldn’t have used the YouTube shooting as an example of that, basically saying they might answer my question if I did the same, but it was all just a joke that got blown out of proportion”

How about that for a bit of juvenile, feel-good reading.

Battalion 1944 is available now for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Source: VG247