With EAPlay 2018 over, and roundly criticised, we continue to barrel towards the official start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, by getting another conference outside of the main event, for some reason. Microsoft seem to be under unique pressure this year. Their lack of a stellar back catalogue of exclusives, when compared with Sony’s, and little word so far on how they’re going address that, besides yet another delay for Crackdown 3, Xbox really need to pull it out of the bag later on today.

That being said, there may well be life in the old dog yet, as boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter after finishing the final rehearsal to say how excited he was to announce no less than 15 games.

15 world premiere games is really something, but the lingering question is whether any of them will be worth buying. We’ve already published an article on our top predictions for the presentation this year, which you can find here, so I won’t go into too much detail, but there are a number of fair assumptions at what we might get.  It’s likely that we will see the return of our friendly, neighbourhood super-soldier, and blight of the Covenant, Master-Chief. It has been three years since 343 Industries last released a title in the series, so this one looks good to go ahead.

We are also almost certain to get news on a new iteration in the flagship Xbox racing franchise Forza (Horizon 4, most likely) and, perhaps most excitingly for me, a new entry into the long dormant Fable series, which is supposedly now in the very capable hands of Playground Games.

To watch the conference live, it will be available on Gamespot’s YouTube channel here and should get going at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST, but be warned it is expected to have an enormous 100 minute run-time. We will also be posting articles on all the announcements as quick as we can (sometimes even before the gaming media behemoth’s) so make sure to stay locked into the site for those.