Day: 11 June 2018

2 minute read

Further Look At Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Ubisoft Conference at E3 2018 is coming to a close, and a further look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has really got everyone in the crowd excited. Drawing a huge cheer from the gathered audience, the feature trailer showed off […]

skull and bones
2 minute read

Skull and Bones Presented At Ubisoft E3

Ubisoft have taken their experience in making the excellent Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and applied it to new buccaneer simulator Skull and Bones. Showing off some pretty amazing looking ships and weather systems this really looks like it could be […]

the division
2 minute read

The Division 2 Is Getting Raids

After the smallpox virus was released on dollar bills in NYC, it only took 7 months for the U.S.A to fall apart. Now, Washington D.C. is at the centre of humanities struggle to redeem itself. This is where The Division […]

Ubisoft conference
2 minute read

Ubisoft @ E3 – Beyond Good And Evil 2 Showcased At Conference

Ubisoft kicked off their press conference, insane dance routine notwithstanding, with a further look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 and, in short, it looks rather good. Nice to hear an East-End London accent, even if it was attached to […]

Just Cause 4
1 minute read

Square Enix @ E3 – Just Cause 4 Looks Bonkers

Rico is definitely coming back, and the destructablity looks pretty ridiculous. Just Cause 4 made an appearance at the Square Enix conference, with a brand new video trailer showcasing tornadoes tearing through landmarks and permanently altering the map. Explosions will […]

6 minute read

Pokemon Quest Review: Blocky Beasts Battle

Pokémon Quest is a game that was inconspicuously released onto the Nintendo Switch on the same day as the Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee announcement but, as a real-time strategy using Pokémon as the proverbial “troops”, it is very different to other […]

5 minute read

Stream Me Up Scotty

Streaming services are nothing new, but if Ubisoft’s CEO’s latest comment is anything to go by  it looks like hardware could become a thing of the past. Streaming services have always sounded good in premise, but for the most part […]

Elder Scrolls 6
1 minute read

New Elder Scrolls Confirmed, Will Follow Starfield

As the Bethesda press conference drew to a close, Todd Howard showed a very small clip of Starfield before informing the audience that he had one more special announcement for the gathered masses. The Elder Scrolls VI is happening, and […]

Fallout 76
4 minute read

Fallout 76 Detailed, Will Be Always Online

In Vault 76 our future begins… With the conferences well underway, despite the fact that the expo hasn’t officially started yet, Bethesda have picked up where Xbox left off earlier in the day. Microsoft presented a huge number of games, […]

1 minute read

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Announced at BE3

Wolfenstein: Youngblood has been announced and will take place in Paris in the 1980’s, following BJ’s twin daughters as they fight in the resistance. The big news out on this one is that, as the game follows two protagonists, it […]

1 minute read

Doom Eternal Presented At BE3

In the wake of the immense response to the Doom reboot from 2016, a new sequel has now been announced. Doom Eternal promises that the player-character will “feel even more powerful” and there are twice as many demon types in […]

2 minute read

Bethesda Puts On A Show For Rage 2

Bethesda kicked off their special BE3 conference with a bit of a bang, as Andrew W.K. regaled the audience with his unique mix of long hair and keyboard solos. Having done the official soundtrack to the game, an appearance was […]