Bethesda kicked off their special BE3 conference with a bit of a bang, as Andrew W.K. regaled the audience with his unique mix of long hair and keyboard solos. Having done the official soundtrack to the game, an appearance was always likely and, to be fair, it does fit the Rage concept pretty well. Having lauded the “open-world chaos” that Avalanche Studios brought to their games, Bethesda were keen to impress upon the audience what the game is all about.

We were then treated to an extended look at the game, which shows an extinction level event which wiped out 80% of the world’s population. Mutants and humans clash in a dystopian war to survive in the face of ever worsening odds. The world design looks great, and the vehicles and guns look like they’re going to be ridiculously fun. The open-world is supposedly seamless, with travel between areas unhindered by loading times, and the intense combat scenes look well, just that, intense.  The gaudy art style fits very well and should present a relatively unique experience in a first-person shooter.

The sequel to the original Rage looks as though it will really pack a punch. There’s a particular gauss rifle-type gun that is enough to make me want to buy the game on its own, and the story-based cutscenes are really well shot, similar to that which you may find in a sci-fi movie. There was also a limited look at abilities, including a force push and a power which manifests similarly to Gravity Spikes in Black Ops 3, albeit without the spikes.

To watch the conference as it happens, you can tune into the action here. We will also be posting up all the news as it happened so make sure to keep checking the website throughout all of E3.