The Ubisoft Conference at E3 2018 is coming to a close, and a further look at Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has really got everyone in the crowd excited. Drawing a huge cheer from the gathered audience, the feature trailer showed off some pretty incredible looking fight scenes, as well as environments which really bring across the Ancient Greek setting.

Player’s will be able to explore on Land and Sea during the golden age of Athens and the Pelloponnesian War. You are a mercenary, setting out to save his family and fulfilling his destiny of becoming a legendary Greek warrior. Again, the game world will be shaped by your choices and for the first time you will be able to choose between Alexios and Kassandra, who will be played for the entire game.

The gameplay trailer shows a young Alexios taking up his father’s spear, before maturing into a full-blown Gerard Butler. Sokrates also showed his thoughtful face, debuting the dialogue options which have been added to the series for the first time. The last trailer was a full gameplay video in Mykonos City, showing combat similar to what we’ve already seen in Origins, except with some particularly sharp parrying animations and finishing moves. The gear is classic Sparta, and will make any fan of the 300 series, including my Greek-Cypriot co-Founder, weep in their pants. The facial animations could do with a little work, but the dialogue is smooth and flows well.

The battle scene shown was also pretty epic, with hundreds of soldiers in red and blue scrapping it out to the death. One guy, who looks like tanned Thanos with a brush for hair, gives our hero hero particular trouble, before being turned into a meat patty by his own mace.

Fans of the series don’t have too long to wait as the game releases October 8th.

The Ubisoft conference is now well underway so make sure to tune into the coverage here, and don’t forget to follow the website for all the latest updates throughout E3.