the division

After the smallpox virus was released on dollar bills in NYC, it only took 7 months for the U.S.A to fall apart. Now, Washington D.C. is at the centre of humanities struggle to redeem itself. This is where The Division 2 picks up the story. In a new trailer showcased at the Ubisoft presentation we really got a sense of how the game will look, with terrified, helpless citizens attempting to stay alive, in the face of heavily armed gangs, stagnant water and disease.

These unlawful factions are violent, and the video shows the execution of a young woman, without trial or a hearing, as humanities most important tenet’s come crumbling down. The Division are tasked with taking out these groups and restoring law and order to the city. The player’s actions will have a clear impact on the lives of civilians, with the co-op promising to be tactics based. At the end of the main campaign, players will have to pick a specialisation, where they will receive an appropriate weapon for their choice. This allows for a new layer of progression and teamwork.

The last piece of huge news regarding the game is that raids are officially coming to the sequel, with up to 8 people taking on these missions. Regular content updates will be provided and, with the biggest cheer of the night, they announced that all of these “episodes” will be absolutely free.

You can sign up to the open beta right now on Ubisoft’s official site.

The Ubisoft conference is now well underway so make sure to tune into the coverage here, and don’t forget to follow the website for all the latest updates throughout E3.