Ubisoft conference

Ubisoft kicked off their press conference, insane dance routine notwithstanding, with a further look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 and, in short, it looks rather good. Nice to hear an East-End London accent, even if it was attached to a frightened ape, and the other characters look well-rounded and quite easy to get behind, in the face of a pretty terrifying enemy. Whilst the premise is now familiarly surreal, it looks as though the story will really carry this one over the line.

The crew are heading into unexplored space, where they come into contact with a young Jade, the game’s antagonist. The title itself is a prequel and should answer some questions about how the events of the first title came to pass. Set in the 24th century, the pre-alpha gameplay footage showed of the city of Ganesha, and looks to cement the game as the premier space pirate simulator on the market.

The Space Monkey Program was also introduced, which asks people all over the world to submit original content, from art to music, on the off chance that it may well be included in the game. Famous and beloved actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt made an appearance, as it is his company, HitRecord, which is overseeing the collaboration project. The point of the service is to encourage people all over the world to get together and create good stuff, and this should only be encouraged.

The Ubisoft conference is now well underway so make sure to tune into the coverage here, and don’t forget to follow the website for all the latest updates throughout E3.