Nintendo E3

At E3 this year, Nintendo is once again following the beat of their own drum. The Nintendo E3 presentation had rapid-fire new titles as well as some fine details, where they announced a variety of games to satisfy fans of every genre.

As many predicted, Fortnite has been released onto the Switch and was available to download soon after the presentation finished. One of the perks of the Switch version of the game is the ability to play online with a friend on the same console. Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world right now and Nintendo clearly do not want to miss out.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was shown off in fine detail. Many characters were updated to have more cosmetic options and different ultimates. There were minor updates for each character, but the stars of the show were the new characters, Inkling and Ridley. There are also going to be a raft of changes that are exclusive to 1-on-1 fights, such as dramatic slow-motion and a pop-up score screen. The game itself will be released on December 7th.

The Switch is maintaining its commitment to indie developers with new releases including Overcooked 2 (August 7th) and Killer Queen Black. Additionally, Hollow Knight is being ported to the platform with all of its DLC and will available from today. There were also release dates given for many ported titles like Dragonball FighterZ, Starlink (October 2018), Crash Bandicoot (June 29th) and Monster Hunter Ultimate (August 28th).

No Metroid Prime 4?

Metroid Prime 4 was notably absent from the presentation but other beloved franchises had news to share. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country was announced and will be released in September. Super Mario Party will be released on October 5 and you will be able to connect 2 Switch consoles together to play some of the mini-games. Megaman 11 will come out on October 2nd and Splatoon 2′s anticipated Octo Expansion will come out in Summer 2018.

Octopath Traveller will finally be released on July 13th after a long, tense wait. This title by Square Enix is exclusive to Nintendo, and it could be a landmark title after making its development cycle so public. There is also a demo available now that will transfer save data to the full game once it has been released.

There are other titles that were shown in Nintendo’s presentation, but these are the highlights. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has garnered the most attention, but Nintendo fans have a lot to look forward to this year!