Ever wanted to explore the upside-down? Coming hot off the heels of their announcement regarding the co-development of an ‘interactive’ TV adaptation of Minecraft: Story Mode, coming to Netflix in the near future, Telltale have now confirmed they are also working on a video-game based on the streaming service’s beloved Stranger Things franchise.

The developer hasn’t revealed any details beyond the announcement itself, but speculation has of course been running wild. For instance many have noted the similarities between this partnership and the licensing deal Telltale previously made with HBO when they acquired the rights to produce a Game of Thrones adaptation. This has inspired hope that the story featured in the upcoming Stranger Things game will likewise be developed as canon, meaning we could even be seeing some of the cast reprising their roles from the series.


Originally, the game had been intended to release alongside the series’ second season but was ultimately postponed. Reasons for the delay weren’t explicitly detailed but with the recent announcement that the developer’s upcoming sequel to fan-favourite The Wolf Among Us has also been pushed back to 2019, it seems Telltale have been encountering their fair share of obstacles as of late.

These difficulties are no doubt related to the ‘company restructuring’ that saw the studio cut 25% of their workforce last November, although whether these issues played a role in that decision, or are just a resulting symptom, is anyone’s guess. In all fairness, it’s now clear the company has a lot on its plate; with production of three separate titles currently underway (the third of course being the highly anticipated fourth and final season to The Walking Dead, with the first episode set for release this August).

Regardless, it seems there is plenty to be getting excited about. Telltale’s trademark narrative adventures rarely fail to entertain, and the developer’s admirable sense of devotion to the source material they adapt is always clear to see. Netflix’s critically acclaimed, Stephen King-esque sci-fi series; with its eerie setting, tense plots and relatable characters, also seems the perfect canvas on which to build an interactive adventure. Hopefully more details aren’t too far away. Upside-down here we come…

Source: NME