Those of you who are partial to destruction derby style racing games, once so prevalent in the era of the PlayStation 1, may have noticed a lack of options in recent years. Well, you can add Wreckfest to the list because it has finally left early access and entered into a full release after five full years in Steam’s introductory initiative. Developed by Bugbear, who are most well known for producing FlatOut (a good, if not great, game), the title promises a successful return to this style of game using the in-built destructability engine, which boasts some of the most advanced damage modelling ever seen.

In a blog post on the developer’s website, we were told that:

“In retrospect, it’s been a wild and exciting journey. Back when we embarked on this project, Wreckfest was supposed to be a short little project to create a new, simple racing game in the spirit of the original FlatOut but it soon dawned on us that we can do SO MUCH more with the premise… So, being straight-forward people as we are that’s what we did, and after four years of development during which no sweat, tears and game engines were spared, the end result is the game that you get to play today. We sincerely hope you will have fun with it!”

So its clear that the development cycle on this release was not a simple one, although the five-year early access status should have been a fairly big clue. With a relative wealth of vehicles to choose from and a huge amount of customisation options, from the pointlessly cosmetic to the mechanically necessary, this really does look like a fun, updated version of a classic genre entry. I’m going to give it a go, and you probably should too.

Wreckfest is available now on PC

Source: TeamVVV