PlayStation Now

Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now may soon allow their users to download games.

The news comes from a recent post made by a PS Now user on Reddit that shows a screenshot from the service’s pause menu. Listed in the menu is an option saying “Download Game” but, at this juncture, the feature isn’t functional.

Playstation Now has an extensive library of games from consoles such as the PS3 and PS4 readily available to stream and play. Up until now, however, users haven’t been able to directly download games from the streaming service onto their devices.

Users of the service have been asking Sony for a long time to make downloading games available and are in high hopes that there is some truth to the image. It would definitely be a welcome change for long time subscribers. Some player’s have also been wondering if this new feature would only apply to games on older consoles such as the PS2 or PS3, or if it would be inclusive of all generations.

Sony has remained adamant that PlayStation Now is purely a streaming service, and there was no mention of it at E3, but the image in question may indicate that the company has chosen to expand on its existing features. It’s possible the screenshot may be a fake though given that the option to download games isn’t in use, but it would certainly be a great addition to the service.

PlayStation Now subscribers have complained in the past about how the service requires a strong and persistent internet connection and high latency. Being able to physically download games would allow players to play their games locally instead of streaming them and using up so much bandwidth.

Sony hasn’t made any comment on this possible new addition to PlayStation Now as of yet but it’s hard to say if they will give any further information, considering this might just be a rumour.