Title: Plutocracy

Genre: Strategy/Simulation

Developer: Redwood

Publisher: Redwood

Release date: August 2018


Start from the bottom and make your way to the very top, in Plutocracy. Seek out profitable companies, buy out controlling stakes and put your own people in charge. Absorb your competition and make excessive profit in 1870’s America. Don’t shy away from lobbying politicians and laws to expand your influence. Corrupt officials creating barriers and intrigues against enemies. There are decades of history in front of you, which you will be able to influence. You can create the most powerful financial empire whilst remaining firmly in the shadows. No one needs to know who really rules the world!



The title itself is a 2D strategy that simulates the golden era of big business, and your potential role within it. Supposedly inspired by the works of Theodore Dreiser, the game features a dynamic system of economics that allow the player to control certain factors, such as GDP and prices, which in turn have an effect on the game world. Built on a grand scale, it is also possible to customise how detailed you want the game to be, by enabling automatic management of some of the games processes or hiring directors to outsource tasks to. At the moment the game is available on Steam Early Access, and is scheduled for a full release on August 8th of this year.


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In the game, you can modify the production plan for workers, increase or decrease working hours and wages. It’ll lead to a reduction of administrative expenses and a wage-fund but at that same time it’ll instigate a strike and an increased level of accident in a company. All the staff will be in a rage, trade unions will take up arms against you but your profitability will go up!

A strike will influence the production volume, companies will start seeing losses. Meet the demands of the demonstrators or disperse the crowd of dissatisfied people with help from corrupt cops? Will you bleed the workers dry or inspire the staff to upgrade their skills? Every decision has consequences.


Conduct an IPO, make monopolies and trusts, expand the areas of influence and capture market shares as well as take over smaller companies. Compete by building a relationship with other companies and their owners, collude with them and merge into cartels. Together, you can drop the prices of products on the market and squeeze out the competition and then make a monopoly by which you can raise the price three fold! Organize strikes and sabotage at the companies of competitors, disrupt supplies and block logistics. Choose any of the 14 industries and take over the market. Destroy competitors, be ruthless on the way to achieving your goals! You can develop and improve the infrastructure of your companies because new technologies increases income!

The developers have tried hard to simulate the American political system, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to be corrupt. The game will give you the opportunity to hire political lobbyists to help promote laws you feel are favourable to your cause. Sponsor a politicians election campaign or collect dirt on them to manipulate your way to even greater profits.

You could make a monopoly and lobby through a law that reduces corporate taxes. But be careful, this action may create a federal budget deficit and the whole country will take up arms against you. Greed is not always the smartest choice, you need to find a good balance to keep both politicians and society happy.
There are more than 36 agents of influence, divided into 12 categories, all available to help you with your dirty work. Use them to execute arson, accidents and bank robberies. If fire and violence are not your go to methods for getting things done, be more subtle in your technique by organising strikes or influence the stock market through mass media.


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