With the Resident Evil II remake on the horizon, news about the upcoming release is coming thick and fast. In a continuation of the pattern that the series has adopted so far, the game has a dynamic difficulty setting which responds to the players ability. This has been a feature since resident evil 4 and, according to an interview conducted by VG247, will remain so for this latest iteration.

The game itself may surprise those of you who are used to the standard formula that remaster of today seem to follow. A number of updates to the original, including a UI adopted from Resident Evil VII, will being the game firmly into 2018. At the same time, if any of you are worried about this remaster straying too far from the original formula, the basic building blocks, including tone and how it feels to play, are very much the same.

The game’s producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, in the same interview, had this to say on the key aspects of the original:

“Myself and all of the development team included… we have a lot of nostalgia and respect for the original material. There’s a lot of key elements in there that mean a lot to us. When we were developing the game and prototyping it for the first time, we went through a whole lot of discussion to figure out which elements we wanted to keep, which elements are important in maintaining the original feeling of the game and which components can we actually make it a brand new experience.”

The developers are making all the right noises so, as a long standing fan of the series, here’s hoping they can live up to expectations. The remake will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 25, 2019.