Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a pretty great idea, allowing players to work their way through a litany of titles for a low, flat monthly cost. To date, there are 200 games available via the subscription ranging from classic Xbox Live Arcade titles to AAA titles from recent history. Not only that, but all future titles that are published by Microsoft will go directly on to Xbox Game Pass on launch day (including Crackdown 3 if it ever arrives), something which drew huge cheers at the company’s E3 presentation.

From the brutal culling of May, in which 20 games that had been on the service were removed, June is a lot more bearable with only three titles making an exit stage left. Chief amongst these is Resident Evil 6 which, although not a bad game by any stretch, isn’t the greatest offering in a very good series. It does have four very interesting interwoven campaigns, which really do add to the experience, so it’s still very much worth checking out. As well as that, Bard’s Gold, a fantastic 2D retro platformer and, the weakest of the bunch, Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine (Xbox 360), are also both departing the platform.

You will, of course, be able to play these games for the next week free of charge and, if you really get into one, they are all currently available at 20% off on the online store. Not only that, but if you are thinking of subscribing to the service, Microsoft made Fallout 4, The Division and Elder Scrolls Online available freely. So, if anything, its worth taking advantage of for Fallout 4 alone.

Source: The Xbox Hub