The Banner Saga Trilogy

The Banner Saga Trilogy is drawing to its inevitable conclusion, with the release of the third game slated for the 26th July. To celebrate the end of its own era, Stoic Studio and Versus Evil, the developer and publisher of the game respectively, are hosting a competition to find out who can produce the best Banner Saga related trailer. The idea is that entrants will summarise their experiences playing the games in a “unique and creative way”. You can find the full press release for the competition below:

The Banner Saga Trailer Contest runs from 28th June, 2018 until 20th July at 11:59pm PT and provides fans with the ultimate opportunity to tell their own Banner Saga story so far in their own unique and creative way. The winners will be announced on 25th July, the day prior to the launch of the trilogy and final game in the series, Banner Saga 3.

The fans of Banner Saga have been integral to our beloved series and, as we bring this epic journey to its climatic end, we’re excited to see interpretations of their own stories thus far”. Said Arnie Jorgensen, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Stoic. “We can’t wait to see how they will represent their experiences and how creative they will get in the trailer making process,” he added.

Those interested in taking part in this contest can view the full rules and regulations plus eligibility criteria to take part on the contest web page at

The epic and award-winning Banner Saga trilogy will come to it’s climactic and dramatic end when it launches later next month on July 26th.  Fans will be able to play through the complete saga from beginning to the end at that time. Banner Saga 3, the third and final game in the series will also launch on that date for existing Banner Saga players.

The prizes include $4500 for the overall winner, a copy of The Complete Banner Saga Trilogy for the runner-up and a digital copy of The Banner Saga 3 for three third place losers. If you fancy getting involved then click the link above and familiarise yourself with the rules.

The Banner Saga 3 releases on the 24th July 2018 for all major consoles and Microsoft Windows.