Pokémon GO

Over the weekend, more than 170,000 Pokémon GO fans from around the world made their way to the German city of Dortmund to mark a major occasion in the game’s calendar. The Pokémon Go Safari Zone special event promised to provide committed players with a far greater amount of Pokémon spawns in the city’s Westfalenpark, as well as an increased chance of picking up some of the rarest creatures in the game.

Overall, those who made the journey were able to capture 28.6 million of the little blighters. The main event, which started on the Saturday, was covered in a press release, including the exciting angle that players could catch Unown in shapes that spelled out Dortmund, a nice touch. Here’s the press release “tale of the tape”:

Early Saturday morning was the time to go to Westfalenpark in order to be among the first trainers to stroll over the numerous meadows, relax in one of the team lounges with about 900 seats each, go for a ride across the park in the ropeway, take pictures with Pikachu, enjoy diverse culinary treats, and, of course, expand their Pokédex. Not only Corsola, a Pokémon which usually only appears in tropical areas, spawned both in the park and the city of Dortmund this weekend, but also more Shiny Pokémon – rare alternative versions of regular Pokémon – than usual. Apart from that, trainers also had the chance to catch Unown in new shapes resembling the letters D-O-R-T-M-U-N-D to celebrate the event. Among this weekend’s highlights is the big group photo, which was taken at 12:00 PM both days at the picturesque Seebühne in Westfalenpark. Up to 10,000 cheering fans gathered there on Saturday and Sunday for unique pictures.

For anyone questioning the continuing popularity of the game, this should be enough to put those thoughts to bed. The game has arguably got stronger with introduction of later generations of Pokémon and regular special events to keep players interested.

If, somehow, you’re yet to get involved and would like to find out more, the Game is available for free on Android and iOS.