Pokémon on the Go… Again!

Nintendo’s newest casual game, Pokémon Quest, is now available on mobile on iOS and Android. The aim of the game is to explore Tumblecube Island armed only with a defective drone, a little boat and a roster of blocky Pokémon. In terms of genre, it lands somewhere between a real-time strategy and idle game and balances the two excellently. You can read the full review here.

When Pokémon Quest came out on the Switch, it was shown to be another step in the right direction for Nintendo in terms of the free-to-play market. Having released Pokémon Go and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to great success and acclaim, their next free-to-play game has some big shoes to fill, but it has all of the tools to do so. The game is accessible to gamers and non-gamers alike yet it hides a host of deep systems that could lure in hardcore fans of the main series games.

Now that Pokémon Quest is on mobile devices, the game and its community will hopefully grow and bring people back to the world of Pokémon like Pokémon Go did. The game has an active and informed community on Reddit and there is great potential for passionate fans to go crazy on this release. There are already tier lists being made and the game is still purely PvE.

Nintendo x Mobile Gaming?

Nintendo are now more experienced with mobile games and will hopefully deliver new content that the fans want. Whatever will come in the future, whether it be challenge levels or PvP support, it will surely be welcomed. Nintendo have also avoided the day 1 problems that plagued Pokémon Go and Pocket Camp, seemingly due to the earlier release on Switch. Pokémon Quest has every chance of success, it’s just a matter of following through and turning this potential into reality.