Boomsday Protocol: Activated!

Hearthstone is still going as strong as ever on all fronts. The competitive scene is varied and interesting and content creators are consistent. There are frequent updates to add variety in every game mode and balance the meta. Now Hearthstone is releasing a new expansion – The Boomsday Project, available from August 7th.

This expansion is based around Dr. Boom, the infamous scientist that dominated the Goblins vs Gnomes meta, and his research facility. The cards are themed around science and technology, so be prepared for a new set of Mechs, and the release stream teased us with a new keyword, Magnetic, and a handful of cards. Magnetic cards can be played on their own or used as a buff on a Mech minion. For example, the Spider Bomb card can bolster another Mech with +2/+2 and its Deathrattle. This mechanic is comparable to some Artefact Creatures in Magic: The Gathering or Union cards in Yu-Gi-Oh.

Every expansion brings with it its own new keywords and ideas, and there is always a secondary mechanic that is less integral to the set but is more flexible. For example, the Joust mechanic was originally released with the Grand Tournament, but newer cards still use it, like Raven Familiar. This time around, we have Omega cards. They are meant to be solid standalone cards that get a big bonus if they are played while you have 10 mana crystals. Look at Omega Defender; it has decent stats (comparable to Stegodon) and gains 10 attack if you play it while you have 10 mana.

We were also shown the first true Legendary Spell card in Hearthstone (assuming we treat the Quests from Journey to Un’goro as separate from regular spells). Myra’s Unstable Element seems to be a very interesting card that has a lot of potential, however, it is difficult to judge individual cards until after the whole set is available.

Two other cards were also released; Electra Stormsurge, a Shaman legendary minion, and Biology Project, a Druid common spell. Similarly to Myra’s Unstable Element, both cards are potentially very powerful.

Watch the release stream for yourself here:

Boomsday Bonus

Blizzard threw in a sneak peek for a new Dr. Boom card. No longer a 7 mana 7/7, he is a Warrior Hero card, but no additional details have been given as of yet.