More cards from the new Hearthstone expansion have been revealed. This time, we have been shown powerful and synergistic Mech minions. The Magnetic keyword is becoming an attractive prospect.

Radical Robots or just Disguised Toasters?

The Boomsday Project promises to bring the spirit of experimental science to the well-established card game. This includes powerful effects that are hard to control, Legendary spells and, of course, new Magnetic Mech minions.

Magnetic minions can be played as standalone cards or can be used as a buff on other Mechs, transferring all of their stats and abilities. We have 2 new neutral cards that can work in any Mech-based deck. The Wargear has solid stats on its own as a 5 mana 5/5 but has the flexibility of the new Magnetic keyword. Similarly, the Upgradeable Framebot can be played solo but its health total allows it to survive so it can be buffed by Magnetic minions on later turns. Even if these cards are not competitively viable, they open the new mechanics to all players.

Next, we have 2 more complicated Mechs. The Beryllium Nullifier is a large minion which can not be targeted by spells or hero powers. If you are able to combine this effect with Taunt, you could potentially create a very powerful defensive minion. However, its stats are quite weak, comparable to Ancient of Blossoms, so its strength relies on the power of its abilities.

Legendary Utility

Zilliax is a very interesting card. It has Rush so it can instantly affect the board and Lifesteal to help you recover further. Divine shield prevents it from dying instantly and it has Taunt for additional utility. You can turn any Mech into a very powerful minion by using Zilliax’s Magnetic effect as well and, as a defensive card, it provides a bit of everything. A noteworthy interaction is with Corpsetaker – as long as Zilliax is in your deck, your Corpsetakers will have Divine Shield, Taunt and Lifesteal. This is impressive because decks with Corpsetakers often have to make sacrifices to take advantage of the card by adding 1 copy of a weak Lifesteal minion.

Finallly, we have one more card that was released: Menacing Nimbus. As a 2 mana 2/2, its stats alone are quite weak, but it has 3 major benefits. Firstly, it is an Even card, so could easily fit into the current Even Shaman decks. As an Elemental it could benefit any of the decks that take advantage of Elemental synergy, like Even or Elemental Shaman. It provides card generation, which allows it to potentially fit into a defensive value-oriented Shaman deck too. There are plenty of chances for this card to succeed.

Those are the most recent card reveals for the upcoming Boomsday expanision. Make sure to check GameRVW for all upcoming Hearthstone updates. If you want to see our previous piece on The Boomsday Project, with further information you’re going to want to know, then please click here.