There have been so many new card releases, it is hard to keep track! Due to the huge amount of reveals, today we will only cover the highlights, but every new card will be shown. We will mainly focus on the themes of each class and the game-changing legendaries. And of course, Dr. Boom is here to show you what REAL science looks like!

Tree-hugging in 2018?

Druid has been a strong class for the last few expansions. Every tool it has been given has been usable in a variety of decks, allowing lots of deck archetypes to form like Token Druid, Malygos Druid and Taunt Druid. The new cards revealed are specifically based on Treants, which have previously been part of the Druid identity but never had internal synergy. Hopefully this will push Druids into a more specific direction over time.

Science + Religion = …?

Priest is well-known for its abundance of archetypes. There is Control Priest, OTK combos, Quest Priest, card-stealing effects as well as others. This expansion, Priest’s theme is the Cloning. This seems to manifest as somewhere between Deathrattle and card-stealing in terms of in-game mechanics. This can be seen in some of the new Priest cards. Zerek’s Cloning Gallery is a crazy card that could set up powerful combos with Malygos and Prophet Velen or provide lots of value with Deathrattle minions!

Paladin Power

Paladin has always been focused on minion combat. It is the class that champions buffs, Divine Shields and constantly refilling your board. Following the new Magnetic theme, which allows minions to Magnetise to other mechs in order to buff them, it was only natural for Paladins to gain some Mech synergy. Kangor’s Endless Army introduces a new form of Resurrection into Hearthstone that allows some sort of buff to be maintained after death. The new Paladin secret also shows great promise.

HeAs is usually the case, the rarest cards are the most exciting! So now, let’s go over the new Legendaries! We have a slew of interesting new cards that allow for some outlandish combos and new ways to play. Look at Flobbidinous Floop! With this card, you can now play a minion with a powerful effect, like Hadronox or Cenarius, and then play a second, smaller one on the next turn. Stargazer Luna now can provide a huge amount of card draw for Mages, which could serve them well in Combo decks. Unlike Aluneth, you can stop yourself from drawing your whole deck at a dangerous pace. Whizzbang the Wonderful breaks all boundaries of card design. This card turns your deck into a different Deck Recipe every game. The strength of the card relies on its unpredictability; try to Mulligan against 18 possible decks!

Finally, Dr. Boom, the infamous 7-drop, has reared his head. As predicted, he is a Warrior Hero card, but he brings a few novelties to the table. For starters, unlike the other hero cards, he gains 7 armour on entering the battlefield. His Battlecry provides a constant effect, giving all of his Mechs Rush for the rest of the game. He also has a hero power that changes every turn! You could deal 3 damage, gain 7 more armour, summon minions, discover a Mech or deal 1 damage to all enemies. It’s an unpredictable card, but it will definitely make games exciting!

What an exciting reveal season it is turning out to be! There were other cards revealed over the last week that we were not able to cover, they are all shown below. If you missed the previous reveals, check out our other articles here and here. Enjoy your theory-crafting and make sure to come back next week for the next Boomsday update on GameRVW.