Boomsday Project

After another exciting set of card reveals, and today’s full release of the Boomsday Project expansion, we finally have the complete picture. Now that we can see the set in its entirety, which cards will reign over the rest?

Having played Hearthstone since release and reached Legend rank multiple times, I’d like to say I can offer an informed opinion on the next generation of powerful decks. In no particular order, these are the cards that I think will dominate competitive play.

Juicy Psychmelon

A 4 mana card that draws 4 cards. You also draw specific cards (AKA tutor) which allows you to draw specific cards when you need them. This card looks amazing just as a stand-alone, but given that Druid is such a dominant class already, this card is even better. With a deck like Malygos Druid, you really want to draw your combo pieces. With Malygos and Alexstraza at 9 mana, you can add the new card Dreampetal Florist to make combos even easier on 7 as well as the Lich King or the new Gloop Sprayer on 8 to have a consistent 3 card draw for 4 mana. The 10 drop slot is less obvious, but at worse you could throw in an emergency Deathwing. This card could also support the Big Druid archetype, where you want to get to your biggest minions as quickly as possible. It could even help out the Hand Druid gimmick that was pushed last expansion. We have to squeeze every drop of potential out of this card.

Electra Stormsurge

This card’s flexibility is what makes it so interesting. Let’s say you want to make an aggressive Shaman deck: Electra can be used as a second Lava Burst. Or you want to play Shudderwock Shaman, Electra is a second Healing Rain. What about an Overload Shaman with Snowfury Giants, Electra is a second Sapphire Spellstone. And she is an Elemental to boot?! As long as there is a non-Even Shaman presence, Electra will be played.

Doubling Imp

This card looks like nothing special, but I see great potential its modest 2/2 statline. Zoo Warlock is currently a strong, popular deck and Doubling Imp will help to push it over the top. Along with Soul Infusion, pictured below, and Prince Keleseth, this card can go from a pair of 2/2 to a pair of 5/5 just like that! Zoo will rise again, especially when you take into account the next card…

The Soularium

Zoo uses lots of cheap cards, so you can play the Soularium and play all of the cards without wasting them. It’s also good for plunging the depths of your deck to find the one card you need to win or survive.  It even has discard synergy! I know no-one else is thinking about that, but I got a golden Warlock Quest in a pack and I want to be able to use it!

Topsy Turvy

Ok, so there is actually a ridiculous combo with Topsy Turvy and Test Subject. With 2 Radiant Elementals, you can play Test Subject then buff it with Divine Spirit and Vivid Nightmare. Then you Topsy Turvy the first Test Suspect, receiving one Divine Spirit, one Vivid Nightmare and one Topsy Turvy back. Play those on the 2nd Test Suspect, then use one of the 2 Vivid Nightmares on a Radiant Elemental and you can get INFINITE Divine Spirits! Also Topsy Turvy fits nicely into regular Inner Fire/Divine Spirit decks It’s cheaper, dodges Skulking Geist, and can be used defensively in a pickle.

Dr Boom: Mad Genius

Control Warrior will really benefit from Dr. Boom’s super value Hero Power. All of the available options provide great value for a late game Warrior deck. You can use it to out-armour Malygos combos, you can survive Shudderwock with Azalina Soulthief and the Battlecry is a nice bonus for mechs too. Control Warrior might be one of the decks to beat, a late-game monster that can hold out against combo decks.

Flobbidinous Floop 

It’s a 4 Mana Malygos or Hadronox. This card has a big combo or value potential. It’s a cheaper way of bringing out a 2nd Malygos or a back-up in case the first one is cleared. It is also a flexible card, being able to help out as a Taunt in emergencies or provide utility as a second Carnivorous Cube. The Boomsday Project has been very kind to Druid.


It’s just a really good defensive card. It can clear a minion, heal you and stay on the board afterwards with Taunt. It doesn’t even need mech synergy, but if you stick Zilliax on a big minion, you can get a lot of value out of all of his keywords. I’m thinking he could be a major asset to a potential mech-based Midrange Paladin. Maybe with an anti-aggro focus like the old decks with Lay on Hands. This card also works really well with Corpsetaker!

Biology Project

Druids love ramping up mana. Extra mana is good in every Druid deck because every Druid deck contains the 10 Mana Ultimate Infestation. Even though this is a symmetrical effect, Druid can use the mana better than other classes with its decks based around giant minions and late game combos. Biology Project is also usable as an Innervate in the late game.

­Weapons Project­

It’s a cheap weapon with armour., that’s what every defensive Warrior would ever need on 2 mana. It’s a symmetrical effect but a Control Warrior can clear 3 minions with the weapon, whereas their aggressive opponent can only go face. It is a creative form of weapon removal and Control Warriors don’t really care about their enemies health total. There are some nasty combos with Harrison Jones and Gluttonous Ooze too, so this card should make some waves.

And that’s it, the 10 best cards in the Boomsday Project expansion. Do you think I missed something? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!