Penny Arcade Expo. The premiere series of conventions for gamers throughout the United States. With E3 limiting access to the public until recently, the various PAX’s have become the most popular gaming conventions in North America. Details have just been released on this year’s PAX West, which takes place annually in Seattle, Washington. Highly anticipated games will be able to be played, and industry leaders will be giving countless informative panels. Taking place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle from August 31st to September 3rd, this year’s show is shaping up to be a convention that you do not want to miss.

From the smallest indie studios to the largest Triple A developers, PAX always offers a large variety of exhibitors. For PAX West, this year is no different. Major panels include the developer of Shadow of the Tomb Raider discussing the creation and design of their game world, as well as Jackbox Game’s hosting a fittingly wacky panel for fans of their hilarious party games. Bioware is sending in some of their big guns as well, with a presentation on the narrative and player agency in their upcoming Anthem that will likely be quite popular. Riot Games will host a panel on the lore of League of Legends, and DONTNOD will be conducting a Q+A session for the highly anticipated Life is Strange 2.

Conventions aren’t just for listening to professionals talk about their latest projects, however. PAX staples like freeplay areas, cosplay lounges, and tabletop gaming rooms will be present. Concerts and tournaments fill out the evening for the enjoyment of the night owls present. Geek creators and influencers will host panels  talking about new initiatives and issues facing the gaming community; Markiplier, jacksepticeye, and even Patrick Rothfuss (author of the bestselling Kingkiller Chronicles series) will be holding fan events.

The full schedule is available on PAX West’s main site. Although most openings have been claimed, their are still badges available for Monday, at $50 a piece.