Total War fans, a new trailer just dropped! Total War: The Three Kingdoms makes itself known with a cinematic trailer, showcasing a massive and beautiful campaign map which is sure to delight Total War gamers. Sprawling green landscapes and stunning detail contrast starkly with the turbulent and brutal period that the game takes place in. Check out the trailer here for a closer look.

This turbulent period is known as the Three Kingdoms and this trailer focuses on one of the prominent figures, Sun Jian, The Tiger of Jiandong (fans of Dynasty Warriors will be familiar with him, as well as the period in general.) He finds the fabled Imperial Seal, a legendary artifact which supposedly finds its way to the ‘true emperor’. Choosing to believe in destiny, he gathers his children and sets out to unite the land and bring an end to the costly conflict.

In the real world (ugh), the Sun family played a pivotal role in this period of Chinese history by establishing their own kingdom, Sun Wu. Their place in Total War: Three Kingdoms starts here.

Three Kingdoms will also reportedly have two differing game modes; a default, romanticised version based on a novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Of which, Dynasty Warriors is also based off. In short, the ‘hero’ characters, like Sun Jian, will be individual units, super warriors, if you will. The other ‘classic’ version will be far more realistic, in line with previous Total War titles. The hero characters, or generals, will be in the centre of a unit. Battle will be based on historical troop movements and tactics.

This fascinating next instalment in the Total War franchise will be coming to PC sometime in Spring 2019. Until then, you can find some more juicy details over on their Steam page. Also, don’t forget to check out their Youtube Channel. Or go ahead and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest details.