Battlefield V

A flashy new trailer for DICE’s upcoming Battlefield V has just landed online. With epic, large-scale battles, the new video showcases several different maps and environments. To the tune of a cover of “House of the Rising Sun,” machine guns are fired, war machines rumble, and artillery pounds the battlefield into a fine dust.

Fans get a look at new weapons and maps, as well as a sneak-peek at the highly anticipated battle royale mode. Starting in the Dutch city of Rotterdamn, soldiers engage in close-quarters urban combat, charging across parkways and running from tanks in narrow alleys. Also shown is what seems to be a Western Front battle, with green, rolling fields, swamps, and hills being traversed by infantry and bombed by aircraft. DICE also gives us a tease of a desert map, presumably set in North Africa, as well as an arctic area similar to the one shown in the E3 trailer.

Perhaps most notable however, is the final scene; which showcases what is very likely to be the game’s battle royale mode. A massive ring of fire is shown, slowly engulfing a small snowy village. This is likely the game mode’s map shrinking mechanic, meant to group together surviving players together and force encounters. Also notable are tanks; players will seemingly be able to control these mechanized beasts in matches. How this will be balanced for the unforgiving battle royale mode remains to be seen.

It is a marked improvement over the game’s previous trailers, which had been criticized for being off-tone. This new trailer echoes the well-received, talked-about ones that were made for Battlefield 1. This new trailer is released in advance of Gamescom, where DICE will be revealing more information about the game. In addition, attendees will be able to preview the highly-anticipated title on the show-floor.