Vampyr (and vampire) lovers rejoice! For the world is about to get a whole lot bigger. FOX21 have managed to secure rights to turn DONTNOD and Focus Home’s potential cult classic Vampyr, in to a TV series. DJ2 Entertainment and Wonderland Sounds & Vision have been attached to oversee the project.

So Vampyr, for those who don’t know, released worldwide back on the 5th June this year. It reached the top spot on Steam and in just a month, had sold 450,000 copies across all platforms. Just a note, Focus Home’s president Cédric Lagarrigue (who has now resigned) has said that 1 million copies would be considered a success and 500,000 would turn a profit. Halfway there in a month? Not too shabby.

DONTNOD are no strangers (ha) to awards and adulation. They burst on to the gaming scene with Remember Me and Life is Strange, the latter winning BAFTA and Peabody awards. Their CEO Oskar Guilbert, was obviously excited with the project “This is a new and exciting way for fans of the game, as well as the uninitiated, to enter and engage with VAMPYR’S rich, deep story. We cannot wait to see how the talented team at FOX21 will bring out the darkly atmospheric universe of our game into television.” No doubt about it, Vampyr is dark. There’s but a few vampire shows that get truly dark. Sure, many skirt the lines a bit, but only a handful can go the distance. Hopefully Vampyr will be one of the few.

Interestingly, DJ2 Entertainment are said to be working on an LiS digital series. The two have an established working relationship and DJ2 CEO Dmitri Johnson backs this up “The great relationship we’ve built with them since partnering on their incredible game, LIFE IS STRANGE, allowed us to get on board for VAMPYR well before its release.  Like them, we’re excited to collaborate with our friends at FOX21, Wonderland, and the rest of the creative team we’re assembling.” 

Focus Home Interactive new top dog, Jurgen Goeldner also went on record to say how delighted he was “we are delighted to partner with FOX21 for the adaptation of VAMPYR into a TV series. DONTNOD has created a uniquely dark, immersive world with deep narration, which has made VAMPYR already a modern video game classic. (I mean, let’s be honest, what else would they say? ‘Nah, not really that fussed, mate.’). In all seriousness, it is an exciting project and the two developers are due credit for making the game they did in the first place. You can find out some more about Focus Home over here.They’ve previously worked on titles such as Blood Bowl, Sherlock Holmes and the Farming Simulator series.

If you want your fill before the TV series drops, Vampyr is available right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.