Get your dictatorship cap back on because you once again have the chance to be the tyrannical, but loved, El Presidente of your created masterpiece. That is right, Tropico 6 will be out next year releasing January 2019 for PC! Bravo! Producers Kalypso Media along with developers Limbic Entertainment want to assure fans that this installment of the strategic city builder will be bigger and better than ever.

This time around things will be different. The game has been built using the Unreal Engine, so never before has the world looked so stunning. Whether you are observing your fledgling city as it begins to blossom or spying on individual citizens activities, the world has never felt so alive. Oh, and you can now customise your abode to make it as lavish as you like.

The particularly keen amongst you can also gain access to an early closed beta on steam to get involved in political dirty dealings and money laudering, as well as allowing fans of the series the opportunity to provide feedback prior to release. A great sight to see from a developer that clearly wants to make the best game for their fans!

Tropico 6 will once again be making a return to Gamescom in Cologne this week with hands-on gameplay available in the consumer hall (Hall 8, B43) and by appointment with the development team in the business area (Hall 2.1, C10/D13).

GameRVW will be present at Gamescom for the entirety, so make sure to stay tuned for in-depth content on upcoming releases, as well as breaking news.