Devil's Hunt

Continuing our coverage of all the titles at the 1C publishing booth, GameRVW managed to get hands on with Devil’s Hunt, the third-person demonic fight fest based on the original novel Equilibrium by Pawel Lesniak, from Layopi Games.

The player will take on the role of Desmond, once the son of a rich entrepreneur but who, steered by a series of unfortunate events, now finds himself the possessor of some pretty extensive demonic powers. Built in Unreal Engine 4, this linear narrative-focused experience allows players to immerse themselves in one of the better renditions of hell we have seen in video games.

The combat is extremely fluid, and chunky enough to really make you feel as though you’re doing actual damage. The combat mechanics themselves include the basic light attack, heavy attack, dodge and finisher, which you are able to execute once they are in a weakened state. The finisher’s are a particular highlight, with cutscenes that are especially brutal. We saw one where our protagonist punches through a demon’s throat. So yeah, gnarly.

Adding further variety to proceedings were the demonic powers, making Desmond more effective in fight sequences, especially considering we were only privy to four of them. Some of these add much needed range to your abilities, including waves of flame which take out all the foes in front of you, or a savage strike into the ground, sending a shockwave which topples all in the immediate vicinity, and which can only be described as impolite.

The movement and over the shoulder camera angle are mildly reminiscent of Dead Space titles, with extra platforming mechanics making for a more complete experience. Dashing up to high ledges, smashing down barriers and gateways and even using your demonic strength to rip gigantic chains out of the ground really add a unique feel to traversing the landscape.

Although we didn’t get to experience them personally (the demo did feature a temptation inducing cutscene at the end), there was the promise of the addition of boss fights in the future, in the form of gigantic hulking demons and other creatures you will only find in a game like Devil’s Hunt. It won’t be releasing until Q3 2019, but this is certainly one to keep an eye on going forward.