E-Home Entertainment, China’s Number One Xbox Publisher Shows Off Six New Titles At Gamescom 2018

With Gamescom done and dusted, it falls to those who were there to try and take stock of what was on offer. China’s burgeoning console market has brought companies like E-Home Entertainment to the fore, with the publisher showing off no less than six of its forays in to the world of Xbox gaming.  Here’s the lowdown on what we saw.


Wenjia (Dilemma Studio, September 2018)

When an earthquake and subsequent volcano threatens to destroy the forest it is up to you to save the woodland spirits, in this platforming game. What sets this one apart from the litany of other titles in the genre is the game’s unique and beautiful art style, as well as how fantastically the in-game world has been realized. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you if you just sat there and stared at it.

Anger Force: Reloaded (Screambox Studio, 2018)

This bonkers vertically scrolling shooter takes place in an alternate 19th century where the game world is in the grip of a robot rebellion. For fans of the old arcade style titles, this is just about as hectic an experience as it’s possible to get.

Distrust (Alawar Premium, Out Now)

The first of two games on this list that are available to purchase now, this survival strategy takes queues from The Thing by John Carpenter. The game has largely been received well in its PC form, and the new Xbox One port looks to pick up where the Steam version left off.

Gene Rain (Deeli Network Technology Co. Ltd, Out Now)

This third person shooter hasn’t done so well in the eyes of critics, but it does have its merits. There is fun to be had shooting things, even if it does feel a somewhat samey entry into a genre packed with a ton of great games.

Alien Cruise (Cotton Games, 2018)

Although there wasn’t a lot of information presented on this one (which could mean a number of things, not all of them good) this will be a side scrolling shooter with a nice looking style of its own. Expecting more information in the coming months.

The Wind Road (BlackCGGame, 2019)

After getting through the Steam Greenlight process, the most visually and mechanically proficient game on this list will be hitting consoles in 2019. With fluid martial arts combat and elements from both traditional RPG’s and Action titles, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for.