Subnautica: Below Zero

Developer Unknown Worlds, the studio behind the critically acclaimed underwater survival adventure game Subnautica, has recently announced its new standalone expansion, Subnautica: Below Zero.

Below Zero will be set in an ice-bound region of planet 4546B, the same world that the first game took place in. It will also take place after the events of the original game and will “offer a new chapter” in the Subnautica universe.

The studio have stated that the concept of the game is still developing, but they have teased that there will be new gameplay mechanics present such as thermal management and more voiced dialogue at the core of the plot. However, the studio is still in early stages and these new features may change prior to, and during early access.

Core mechanics that were popular in the original game will still be retained, such as base building and open-ended exploration, so players will still feel some familiarity when playing the new expansion.

No release date has been set on Below Zero but an “unfinished, early version” of the game is set to enter early access on Steam in the coming months. Unknown Worlds will then be releasing consistent content updates on the game and will be carefully crafting Below Zero based on player feedback, just like the first game.   

The original Subnautica is set to release on PS4 later this year with some help from developers over at Panic Button. Pre-orders of a physical version of the game can also be made if players are interested in purchasing a hard copy.   

Concepts, release plans and behind the scenes information can all be viewed on Unknown Worlds official website for fans that are eagerly anticipating the new game and want to stay updated. Unknown Worlds is also active on Twitter.

Subnautica is currently available to buy on Steam and Xbox One and fans can stay updated on the development process of Below Zero on Trello.