There seems to be no stop to the string of bad luck for Borderlands developer Gearbox Software. The company was previously embroiled in a massive controversy over the in-development Aliens: Colonial Marines, where they were found to be shifting resources away from the game while still accepting funding from Sega, the game’s publisher. A few years later, Gearbox launched the ill-fated Battleborn, which quickly became a favoured punching bag of gaming communities when its player count dropped to minuscule proportions.  And in recent months, rumors of a possible cancellation of the anticipated Borderlands 3 have hounded the company’s name in the press.

Now, it seems ill fortune has reached into the personal life of CEO Randy Pitchford. An article published in Dallas News reveals that Randy and his wife, Kristy, hired a personal assistant in 2014 without knowledge of his prior criminal history. John Wright Martin was given access to the Pitchford’s accounts and almost immediately started using the funds for his own use. Martin used the Pitchford’s funds for purchases ranging from designer clothes to expensive electronics and movie rentals. This embezzlement was not discovered until several years later. The Pitchford’s attorney drafted an agreement for the reimbursement of the stolen funds, however Martin soon disappeared.

This story is another black mark on the reputation of Gearbox Software, which has been facing negativity in the games industry since before the release of Borderlands. This embarrassing incident involving the Pitchfords does not bode well for a company that has gone silent and may be struggling financially.

As for Martin, his whereabouts are currently unknown. Texas police are on the hunt, with a warrant issued for his arrest. Perhaps he is hiding out in the New Mexico desert with his large bag of cash.

Whatever the case, he will need some stellar legal representation to get out of this one.