Folks, the story is going to get an ending of some sort.

This past weekend, the founder of Skybound Entertainment and creator of the multimedia, multi-billion dollar franchise The Walking Dead – which started out as a black-and-white comic, then became a hit show for AMC and put them on the map, and turned Telltale Games into a story-telling master who single-handedly revitalized the adventure point-and-click genre of story-driven games, is teaming up with former employees of Telltale Games to finish the remaining 2 episodes of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

As someone who got exposed to the franchise known as The Walking Dead courtesy of my Remedial College English Composition professor having us watch the AMC Pilot episode of their adaptation of “The Walking Dead,” I was on edge, nervous about who would die first, what would happen next, and who would become a Walker.  Seeing the scene where Morgan Jones tries protecting his son Duane from a horde of Zombie Walkers closing in on them partway through the episode, titled “Days Gone Bye”, culminating in him recognising and struggling to find the determination within himself to kill his reanimated wife nearly made me cry when I first saw the show. The suspense of what would happen to Rick Grimes (The main character of the franchise) throughout the episode parallels in a sense how Lee Everett from Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One game dealt with living in a zombified world whilst trying to find redemption in a world gone to Hell. It made sense, since the Telltale Walking Dead series actually respects AND ties in to the established canon of the comic and/or TV Show.

The suspense-laden ending where Rick nearly thinks of suicide, then decides to fight by hiding in an armored tank and right then and there receiving a radio communication from a unknown person, revealed in the second episode, titled “Guts,” to be Glenn Rhee. I was hooked and on the edge of my seat, wanting to immediately watch the next episode as soon as possible. Technically Telltale’s First season of this tie-in game is Glenn’s first chronological appearance in the franchise as a whole.

In a tweet by Perfectly Nintendo there’s a link to an article by them that, in turn, links to Skybound Entertainment’s Twitter page. That tweet from Skybound Entertainment and – by extension – Robert Kirkman – says that the game will be completed with help from some of the former Telltale Games’ staff that worked on the project in the first place.

However, no info about a potential revision for the release dates of Episode 3: Broken Toys, and Episode 4: Take Us Back, have been determined as of yet. We here at GameRVW will keep you updated on any and all new info about the fate of these episodes, any trailers that get released, etc. If you like my work, be sure to let me know, as I’m new to this site, and I want to know how I can better improve my skills to keep you readers entertained.

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