Borderlands 2 VR


Gearbox Software and PlayStation announced Tuesday that it would be bringing Borderlands 2 to the virtual-reality platform.

The VR game will allow players to fully immerse themselves in the gun-happy world of Pandora, through the eyes of the original four Vault Hunters -the Siren, the Commando, the Gunzerker, and the Assassin. In this first-person shooter, you’re teamed up with the Crimson Raiders at Sanctuary, trying to stop the reign of Handsome Jack, the leading villain, as he tears through Pandora in search of a vault and it’s encompassed treasures.

Unlike the original game, which allowed co-op multiplayer experience, Borderlands 2 VR will be single-player only, and introduce a feature called “bullet-time” allowing for enhanced speed and reflexes for the player as they battle all the vicious creatures and bosses Pandora throws their way. Gearbox has officially labeled this feature “BAMF time”, which hilariously stands for “BadAss Mega Fun Time”. The skill trees of the four vault hunters are also getting slightly revamped, to fit the new single-player experience. It was important to Gearbox developers that players wouldn’t just be playing Borderlands 2 through a VR headset.

Players will get up close and personal with Crystalisks.

“We did copious research into how VR plays best to update the experience, so you can now fully sink your eyes into the wild and mayhem-filled world of Pandora with new VR-specific mechanics and skills,” said Brian Burleson, a producer at Gearbox, in a blog post on PlayStation.Blog.

The game announcement comes as PlayStation VR nears it’s second birthday, on October 13. Borderlands 2, on the other hand, is celebrating its sixth birthday.

Second birthday for PlayStation VR.

Gearbox initially released the second installment in 2012 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Since then, Borderlands 2 been ported to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as part of Gearbox’s Handsome Collection in 2016.

Borderlands 2 VR is out December 14 and is available for pre-order now.