Following its surprise unveiling at the end of September, there is now new information on how to transfer the mythical Pokemon Melton to the Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! And Let’s Go Eevee games after catching it in Pokemon Go. Once a Pokemon Go player transfers their first monster to Pokemon Let’s Go, they will receive the Mystery Box item that causes Meltan to appear in the mobile game for a limited amount of time.

The unexpected appearance of the Hex Nut Pokemon Meltan sent waves of excitement through the Pokemon community and is considered by some to be the best Pokemon reveal in years. The adorable monster appeared without any fanfare whatsoever, and Pokemon Go players were left with sole responsibility for reporting their discovery of the strange creature. At the time any captured Meltan would transform into a Ditto once captured, but the Pokemon Company later announced that Meltan was an official Pokemon and that it would appear in the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go Nintendo Switch games.

The Mystery Box item that causes Meltan to spawn in Pokemon Go draws inspiration from the long-running Mystery Gift system of distributing rare Pokemon, but with a few extra steps. After sending a Pokemon to a Pokemon Let’s Go account, the sender will receive a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go. The Box will only cause Meltan to appear in the mobile game for a set amount of time before entering a cooldown period. Once the Mystery Box is available again, the player will need to transfer another monster before they can activate the item again. As of the time of writing, the amount of time a Mystery Box will remain active and the length of the cooldown period is unknown.

Meltan’s appearance revitalised interest in Pokemon Go and created even more hype for the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Eevee games. This event reminded many of the rumors that used to pass between players during Pokemon’s early years, like how to capture the usually unobtainable Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue. Just as the Pokemon Let’s Go games are meant to remind players of how it felt to play the first pokemon games, Meltan’s unveiling reminded players what it was like to be a Pokemon fan back in the day.

It’s an interesting way to connect the console and mobile games, and will likely increase interest in both. Hopefully, The Pokemon Company has even more interesting twists in the upcoming Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! And Let’s Go Eevee! games.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eevee release on November 16th.