Super Mario Party


Everyone knows of Beer Pong and Flip Cup but, as of October 5th, Nintendo has released a game to rival even those classic drinking games. Super Mario Party is a return to form for the franchise and it spurred the creation of different drinking game based on the game modes. If you have a Nintendo Switch, a six-pack, and a copy of Super Mario Party you have what is essentially the perfect drinking game.

Different game modes and different turn limits make each game incredibly dynamic and customisable experience. The rules for each mode are as follows;

10-15 Turn Mario Party:

  • Each person has their own 6 pack
  • Everyone takes a sip at the start of each round
  • If you get a star under any circumstance, you have to finish your beer
  • Each place in a 4-player minigame or coin minigame is how many sips of beer you drink
  • During a 2v2 and 1v3 minigames, the winner/winners drink 1 sip the loser/losers drink 4 sips
  • Even if the beer runs out for one person keep going till the game is complete

20+ Turn Mario Party

  • Same rules as the 10-15 turn minus the sip at the start of each round

10-15 Turn Partner Party (Must have 4 players)

  • Each person has a 6-pack or 12-pack for the team
  • Sip at the start of each round
  • If your Partner gets a star you have to finish your beer and vice versa
  • Losing teams in mini-games have to take 4 sips but they can be divided between each team member
  • When you use an item, your partner must have a sip
  • Go till the game is complete

20+ Turn Partner Party

  • Same rules as 10-15 turn minus the sip at the start of the round

River Raft Survival

  • Each section of the river you drink a sip
  • Sips based on mini-game ranking S=1, A=2, B=3, or C=4 sips
  • If you pick up a +3 second you take a sip
  • Go to the game is complete or you lose
  • (Optional) Every obstacle you hit, you drink


Super Mario Party is incredibly varied in its gameplay, so you can use this as a template and add even more rules to make it as simple or complicated as you wish. I have personally used or will use these rules in the future, but one thing is certain, they will get you drunk. What is really strong about these rules is that you have to strategize and plan carefully, if you don’t you might be drinking an entire beer by the time you get to the star. I know I used beer for this example, but you can adapt it however you like. Remember when you drink, please do it responsibly and make sure the host of the party can and is willing to accommodate you in the time it takes you to sober up. Remember, above all else, have fun and drink responsibly.