NOTE: Header Image found via Nintendo Wire’s article, which can be found here:

Just in case, the image-in-question, which shows what may be BlazBlue: CentralFiction’s cover art, is below this sentence.


First off, can I just say that this box-art – if that is the box/cover art for the Switch version of the game (In Japan, at least) – is fantastic looking. Second, this game looks incredibly detailed and is definitely going to have a lot more detail and capabilities in terms of combat. (The Overdrive mechanic from Chronophantasma returns with some tweaks, and two new mechanics make an appearance – Active Flow: a offensive-based feature that boosts the Burst gauge recovery and damage to opponents and the Exceed Accel – a special type of Distortion Drive that starts once the same input as Overdrive activation is pressed and causes the character using the Exceed Accel to use a specific attack that deals a lot of damage and also ends Overdrive instantly)

The combat, as a result, will feel more familiar and natural to long-time BlazBlue veterans. For those of us just joining, You better be prepared to take a LOT of notes if you’re the super-analytical type in regards to the gameplay and story. This prior statement is doubly true if you’re gonna review the game. However, to make this article shorter, here’s a brief series synopsis down below.

For those of you who don’t know about the lore of BlazBlue, I’ll make it as simple as I can. Guy rebels against tyrannical government. Everyone now fights to save the world from destruction. Evil female shinigami of Death named Izanami must be stopped. There; is THAT simple enough for ya?!

Yeah, I want an English dub for BlazBlue: CentralFiction. I mean, come on! We got some of the English VAs back for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle for Amaterasu’s sake!! Even the lead VA for the main protagonist, Patrick Seitz, wants to voice Ragna again.

*Ahem* Sorry about that. Anyways, this game is gonna look great and play great on the Switch. Now, if it can avoid the fate of becoming a Japan-only, cloud-streamed title, then that’d be great!